July 17, 2024

Foods for Bone & Joints

Bones are living, dynamic tissues that are always remodelled. Bones not only assist the body structurally allowing us to move but also protect our vital organs. It has many other functions like acting as an accommodation region for minerals, especially calcium. So it becomes a mandate to take good care of bones and joint health.

Standard exercise can give an upgrade to the bone development process. Yet, you additionally need to eat right, so your body has the vital nutrition to sustain healthy joints & bone.

Below discussed is a list of foods that will render the best kind of nutrition for your bones & joints.

Dark Green Vegetables

Calcium is found in high amount in dark green leafy vegetables like kale, chinese cabbage & collard greens. Spinach – dark green vegetable – is considered as one of the most top sources of calcium, which is true. But it still should be avoided as it also contains oxalate, which restricts a considerable portion of the calcium from being absorbed in the body.

Dairy Products

Low-fat milk items, for example, yoghurt and cheese are stuffed with a lot of calcium and nutrient D, which increment bone quality and ought to be consumed by those with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.


Particular sorts of fatty fish, for example, salmon, tuna or mackerel are the rich sources in omega-3 fatty acid. Consuming fish two times every week will profit those experiencing rheumatoid joint pain.


As per research studies shows, anthocyanins detected in cherries can help decrease gout attacks.


Other than containing a higher amount of vitamin C, broccoli even contains the sulforaphane, which slows down the sequence of osteoarthritis.

Sweet Potatoes

They are a magnificent source of potassium & magnesium which can further boost joint & bone health

Green Tea

Researches have proved that green tea can lessen inflammation & reduce the cartilage damage, owing to particular antioxidant present in it.

By including multiple items from the list mentioned above in your food, you will be optimizing joint nutrition and diminishing your chance of generating osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other bone & joint ailments.