April 16, 2024

Does Rainy Season Affect Joint Pain?

Most of India is blessed with mild weather, heat which helps the bones and good climate throughout the year. If you go by the combination of a humid subtropical climate in the most of India, and a tropical climate throughout the country, we have a defined rainy season from June to September.

While it can’t be assessed scientifically, rain and humidity seems to affect on individuals with joint pain. Even though there is research which proves, unanimously that changes in barometer pressure and temperatures as causes for arthritic pain. Among the most common issue which patients complain about is back and knee pain and stiffness.

While most arthritic patients resort to anti-inflammatory medications, there are certain common comfort measures to try to alleviate joint pain and stiffness intensity during those rainy and humid days.

The first advice is to stay warm during the rainy days, wear layer of clothing and take hot showers, or keeping the muscles heated can help relax muscles. Heat lets the muscles relax thus helping with pain.

Staying well hydrated is a way of lubricating the joints, especially if it’s humid and rainy. It is important to know that outside humidity and moisture will not help with lubrication of the internal joints, which is the case. Staying hydrated is a must for patients suffering from chronic joint pain.

Low-impact exercises and stretching can help to reduce the discomfort of muscles and joint stiffness and pain. Movement is greatly beneficial for the body and low-impact exercises such as swimming can make a big difference for a joint’s range of motion over time.